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Every year ACS puts out a newsletter that keeps our clients informed with whats going on in the office since we know you don't get to see it all the time.

Old Hardware

Still have that old dusty computer that has not been turned on for years?
Thinking of getting rid of it or donating it to someone?
Here are a few suggestions for those electronics
Let’s start with what NOT to do.

Do NOT put them in the trash. Your personal information can EASILY be extracted.

At ACS, we will remove the hard drive and drill it at no charge. For $30, we will extract your files before the fatal drilling; even if the computer is not working properly.

If your defective computer was licensed for Windows 7 or 8, we will purchase it for $30. The math is simple, get your documents extracted for FREE.

We will purchase functioning flat panel monitors for $10.

Virus Avoidance

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A good amount of our work is repairing the damage created by computer viruses. Although we enjoy finding and eliminating the culprits, there are a few things you can do to help keep your PC out of our reach:

Do not open attachments to email unless you are certain the sender personally sent you the file. Many of the current email carried viruses are sent to you from someone you know that is not even aware their computer emailed you.

Install a good anti-virus program and assure that the virus list is kept current. Although we have supported AVG for years, they seem to be getting carried away with popups to upgrade to better versions. After months of research and testing we are now using a much better solution than AVG.