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Repairing your computer when it is broken has proven costly to businesses. Our clients avoid downtime cost by having us MANAGE their IT systems.

Remote Monitoring & Management

❖ Our monitors work 24 hours per day watching your server and workstations.
❖ These monitors often find and repair issues before the user is even aware of a problem.
❖ Alerts are automatically sent to our techs any time a problem is not immediately resolved.
❖ Maintenance completed manually each month is now automatically performed daily.
Backup and Disaster Recovery solution designed to meet business needs.

It is now time for small-medium sized businesses to have access to enterprise level support.

Commerical Plans (pdf)



Managed Services - Level 1 ($36/month) is a proactive approach using Enterprise-Grade Security, Remote Monitoring/Management and Frequent Tuneups


Managed Services - Level 2 ($46/month) includes all of the service in Level 1 plus phone, shop, and remote support


Managed Services - Level 3 ($66/month) includes all of the service in Level 1 plus phone, shop, remote, and onsite support


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